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Based on nearly 40 years of product leadership in a wide range of water treatment technologies, Vista Research Group provides a complete line of innovative water treatment, purification and management solutions for the dental industry.

From specialized water filtration to dental waterline cleaning, and certified backflow prevention to efficient water management, Vista Research Group products save practices time and money while also protecting their equipment, facilities, staff and patients.

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For trusted sales and support that help your office run smoothly, we’ve partnered with only the best-of-the-best names in the industry:

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Talk to your favorite dealer about the best solutions for your water processing challenges, and for ideas about how to make your practice operate more effectively and efficiently.

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Our comprehensive line of products provides innovative solutions for all of the water-related challenges faced by the dental industry.


VistaClear provides centralized submicron water filtration, backflow prevention & operatory cleaning—and eliminates the need for dental bottles!


VistaPure provides specialized water filtration for autoclaves, dental bottles, ultrasonic cleaners & the rinse cycle of instrument washers for ultimate efficiency and convenience.


VistaCool dramatically reduces the temperature of autoclave wastewater—enabling the direct-to-drain elimination of condenser bottles and tanks!