For usage in dental and medical spaces, the plumbing accessories listed below are sold by Crosstex International, Inc. / HuFriedyGroup. General plumbing contractors can purchase these products from their preferred local plumbing wholesaler, or visit for more information.


VistaCheck VC250-A / VC250-B

VistaCheck® is a CSA-certified dual check valve backflow prevention device that can eliminate the need for expensive reduced pressure zone (RPZ) valves, vacuum breakers, and air gaps. VistaCheck is included with the VistaClear and VistaCool systems, and can be added to the cold-water supply line of the VistaPure system as needed.


DrainHub DH152 / DH154 / DH158

Every plumber and service tech knows the frustration: appliances like sterilizers, instrument washers, water purification systems, dishwashers, water softeners, washing machines and more all require drain connections—and it’s easy to run out of space fast. Thankfully, now there’s the DrainHub multi-port drain adapter. DrainHub® is a CSA-certified, patent-pending device that accepts up to eight drain connections in one small hub—saving space, cost and time!

VistaCheck® and DrainHub® are registered trademarks of Vista Water Group.