Direct-to-drain cooling & elimination
of autoclave wastewater

VistaCool CVV7501 / CVV7502 MSRP $869 / $1,100 USD
How to Buy

Kiss your condenser
bottles goodbye.

The steam and condensation produced by autoclaves can destroy cabinets, be messy and dangerous to empty from condenser bottles, and even melt plumbing if not cooled sufficiently.

The VistaCool™ Direct-to-Drain System for Autoclave Wastewater dramatically reduces the temperature of autoclave wastewater and sends it directly down the drain, automatically—eliminating the need for condenser bottles.

Why VistaCool?

Protects Staff

Eliminates the need for staff to empty steaming-hot water bottles manually.

Protects Drains

Prevents autoclave wastewater from melting plumbing. Built-in backflow prevention meets or exceeds local plumbing codes.

Protects Cabinets

Helps prevent mold, mildew, rot and rust caused by spills and humid environments created by autoclaves condenser bottles.

Saves Staff Time

Non-electric, self-monitoring and self-regulating system saves staff time—there’s no user maintenance required!

Install it, then forget it.

VistaCool systems are typically installed under a sink in a base cabinet of a sterilization center. Once properly installed, VistaCool functions without operator input. Beyond periodic visual inspections of the tubing, there’s nothing more to do to ensure proper operation!

Connect with the leaders.

We’ve partnered with SciCan, Midmark and Ritter to ensure compatibility with the top-selling autoclaves on the market.

With the use of a simple adapter kit, VistaCool even enables Midmark/Ritter M9 and M11 autoclaves to utilize fresh water for each sterilizer cycle by sending wastewater directly to the drain!









* Requires Model CVV7502 and CVS7560 adapter kit.