VistaClear DP

Centralized Waterline Treatment System

VistaClear DP CVV1000-DP MSRP $5,995 USD
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Powerful protection and convenience, centralized.

The VistaClear™ Centralized Waterline Treatment System provides filtered procedural water directly to dental operatories— eliminating the need for bottle systems and storage tanks! The system’s micron-level filtration, built-in backflow prevention and patented method for waterline cleaning save practices time and money while protecting dental equipment.

A DentaPure™ Cartridge and a carbon block filter are provided with the VistaClear™ DP Centralized Waterline Treatment System.


The EPA-registered DentaPure™ Cartridge provides compliant dental unit water for up to 10 operatories for 365 days (or 2,400L of water, if usage records are kept), ensuring practices meet or exceed water quality with a maximum of 200 CFU/mL.

DentaPure™ Cartridge EPA Reg No. 74245-5

Saves time.

The system’s on-demand filtration eliminates wait time and the need for storage tanks and bottle systems. And the DentaPure™ Cartridge provided with the system eliminates the need for regular shocking protocols to make waterline maintenance much more efficient.

Saves money.

The system includes CSA-certified backflow preventers that eliminate the need for reduced pressure zone (RPZ) devices and the ongoing cost of annual inspections. It also eliminates the need for purchased water and daily maintenance products.

Protects equipment.

With micron-level filtration and no harmful chemicals, the system protects expensive handpieces and turbines from the wear-and-tear typical water supplies can inflict. The system removes virtually all contaminants that often reside in city water supplies.

Upgrading existing systems is simple.

Eliminate quarterly maintenance.

If you already own a VistaClear™ Centralized Water Filtration System, you can replace its filters with the new Annual Replacement set that provides a DentaPure™ Cartridge that eliminates the need for quarterly “shock” protocols and ensures water quality < 200 CFU/mL.

VistaClear™ Centralized Water Filtration System
Annual Replacement Set
CVR365HP MSRP $1,095
Serve up to 10 operatories.

While the new VistaClear™ Centralized Waterline Treatment System standardly serves up to 10 operatories, older systems can also be upgraded to accommodate up to 10 operatories with an available accessory distribution manifold.

VistaClear™ Centralized Water Filtration System
10-Op Distribution Manifold
CVDM125-10C MSRP $1,095


Operating Temperature Range 45-100°F (7.22-37.78°C)
Operating Pressure Range 40-100 psi (2.76-6.89 bar)
Maximum Influent Chlorine / Chloramine 5 ppm
Maximum Continuous Flow Rate / Filter 0.2 gpm (0.76 Lpm)
Filter Element Service Life 12 months
Annual Replacement Kit CVR365VC
Dimensions (W x H x D) 16" x 24" x 5-78"
Approximate Ship Weight 28 lbs.

Installation Requirements

System requires access to cold, potable water supply, compressed air and drain connection. Electricity is NOT required.

Use only 1/4” O.D. (soft) copper tubing for dedicated lines to each operatory. If copper tubing is unable to be installed for some reason, use only 1/4” O.D. LLDPE tubing. Do NOT use standard plumber’s PEX tubing, which is usually 3/8” O.D. Do not exceed 90’ in length for runs to any operatory.

Use of a VistaClear™ Centralized Waterline Treatment System does not, by itself, eliminate the need for proper user maintenance. Due to the nature and complex design of dental delivery units, the periodic use of waterline cleaners and antimicrobials is extremely important for proper dental waterline care. For this reason, Crosstex International, Inc. makes specific bacteria-reduction claims for the output water from dental delivery units connected to the VistaClear™ Centralized Waterline Treatment System only when the provided DentaPure™ Cartridge is installed. To obtain maximum bacteriological reduction, dental unit waterlines are to be cleaned with an approved dental unit waterline agent prior to initial installation of DentaPure™ cartridges.